Mar 21 2010

The eyes have it!!

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Caption: The Eyes Have It

Well had some great fun today. Spent the morning making some land art at a local art day.

The Te Puna Quarry Park in conjunction with Environment BOP put on a funky junk  and environmental art day.  They were looking for art made out of recycled materials as well as environmental art.  There were some very clever and inspiring creations in the recycled funky junk section.  I had entered my “Bent Key” and achieved first place in the Creativity section.  So that was great.  I won $100.00.  That will help with the cost of some of the materials for school. Heres a photo:

Caption: Bent Key, recycled keys off computer keyboard

I had the most fun with the environmental or land art.  I used old dead punga fonds for the outline of the eyes and leaves for the pupils.  Filled in the white with some white carded wool that I had for another installation that I will be doing for school at the end of the term.  Only now Ill have to spend a bit of time getting the leaves and sticks out of the wool. LOL.

Caption: Close up of eyes.

Caption: Eyes from the side

Caption: Overview from above

It was a great day.  I think I would like to do some more land art.  :)

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