Jan 22 2010

The AMP Show

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Heres a photo of my recycled computer egg sitting amongst all the other offerings up for prizes.  It looked real funny up on a table.  Usually its better sited on the floor but there was very little room so they put it up on a table at the back behind all the other stuff.   It doesn’t look very Egg like from the angle I took the photo.  I took some other shots from a different angle but they didn’t come out.  Damn

I also entered my “T Pot” for a bit of fun.   The biggest hoot of all is that Im pretty sure no other entries were made in my two classes: “recycled article” and “ceramic article”  so I think I could be in with Flynn as they say… Ill be racking in a fortune…$5.00 first prize per class…. a whole amazing $10.00.  LOL…..  And all because I out fabricated the competition….NOT… ha ha.

Caption Eggsatic AMP Competition

I really liked the quilt someone had done, it was beautiful…there was years worth of work in that one.

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  1.   Angieon 27 Jan 2010 at 3:29 pm

    Ha!, only you Wendy could rig up the AMP Show to win all the prizes, great work.

  2.   Washi Paragoneon 27 Jan 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Well as you get older you get more cunning. LOL….

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